What is Hidden Crane?

Hidden Crane is a project that seeks to spread awareness of the need for peace and hope by the simple act of folding and hiding paper cranes for someone else to find.

What does a paper crane represent and what purpose does it serve?

Origami cranes have been associated for centuries to represent peace and hope. A popular Japanese legend says that if one makes a wish upon folding a thousand cranes, that wish would come true. We wish to spread this wish to others in need or desire to spread hope and peace to others.

How can I participate?

If you found a paper crane and wish to hide one, or if you stumbled upon this website, the process is very simple: just fold another crane from a square piece of paper, write a message with the link "www.hiddencrane.org", and hide it for someone else to find!

I don't know how to fold a crane.

We have a tutorial on how to fold one here.

I have a new idea for Hidden Crane. How can I share it?

We are still in the early steps of the Hidden Crane project, so we are open to your ideas. Just e-mail us at: info.hiddencrane@gmail.com and we'll see if we can incorporate it into our site.